Vibe Lights™ Aurora Galaxy Projector
User Manual


Thank you for your purchase! Please read this instruction manual carefully before use to avoid damaging the product or harming yourself.


(1) Vibe Lights™ Aurora Galaxy Projector

(1) Remote controller

(1) USB cable

(1) User manual


The power requirement of this product is USB DC 5V/2A. The Vibe Lights™ Aurora Galaxy Projector is not waterproof. It is recommended you only use this product indoors, avoiding contact with rain or water.


1. Do not attempt to disassemble this product or its accessories.

2. This product is suitable for indoor use only.

3. Do not stare into or point laser beams directly into the eyes.

4. Keep away from children.

5. This product only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not 5GHz Wi-Fi.


1. Plug USB into Aurora Galaxy Projector via a USB Power Bank or wall outlet.

2. Slide Power Switch On.

3. Press Power Switch on Remote to On (2 AAA’s not included).

4. Press R B G W buttons to try different colors.



The Surround Scape™ Aurora Projector runs for 4 hours and shuts down automatically when not in use.


1. When you power on the projector it says: “BlueTooth Mode”

2. It is ready to pair so you can use your phone or device to scan for BlueTooth devices

3. The projector name will show up as SKE-JBP-J0J

4. Click to pair your device to SKE-JBP-J0J

5. Once it successfully pairs, then the projector says: “BlueTooth Connected”

6. From there you can play media from your streaming services (eg: Spotify) directly through your Surround Scape projector


1. Check Wi-Fi Setting:

a. Check your phone Wi-Fi "On”, or the product won’t be connected

b. Enable the location information on your phone, or it cannot show the connected Wi-Fi name

c. Connect your phone to a 2.4GHz network as other frequencies are not supported.

2. Download the APP

a. Search "Smart Life" APP through Google Play (For Android) or APP Store (For Apple-iOS) and download it

3. Register and log in to the APP

a. Open the "Smart Life" APP

b. Log in to your account and password. Please register a new account on first use.

4. Configuration

a. Connect the power supply of this aurora smart projector and the host status is "Wi-Fi"

b. Connect to the Wi-Fi: Turn on this aurora smart projector, and slide repeatedly for 3 times with the following steps: OFF- -OFF- -OFF-, till the projector light shows white and fast-flashing. Note: the interval of the power switch sliding should not exceed 10 seconds.

c. Turn on the "Smart Life" App, click "Add Device", select "Lighting--Light Source (BLE+Wi-Fi)”

d. Choose your home Wi-Fi and enter a password (If applicable), then click "Next". (Note: Connect your phone to a 2.4GHz network router, 5GHz network not supported)

e. Once connected, it shows “Device added successfully” that means the Aurora Smart Projector has been connected successfully.


1. Click on the “Music Star Light” icon to enter the main interface, touch the Power Switch to turn on/off the music starlight. Customize the product name via the icon at the top right-hand corner, turn on the voice-activated mode via the Microphone button.

Click the “Timer” icon to set a timer of the device auto turn on/off: Make the device turn on/off in a custom time. (Note: The device cannot set the auto shut off time to exceed 4 hours)

There are Four Main Interfaces as follows:

Aurora Light Interface

1. Turn ON/OFF aurora light

2. Turn ON/OFF white light/color light.

3. Turn ON/OFF aurora light breathing mode.

4. Adjust the color lights.

5. Choose 6 mixed-colors aurora light effects.

6. Adjust white light brightness.

7. Adjust color light brightness.

8. Adjust color light saturation.

9. Adjust the aurora light moving speed.

Music Play Interface

1. Play/pause the music, switch the previous/the next song

2. Adjust the volume

3. Select the sound effects, the light will dance to the music and you can adjust the rhythm sensitivity

Scenario Interface

Custom scenario mode, choose the combination of the modes:

1. Color light/white light combination, adjust brightness, 3 color-changing modes: a. Static mode; b. Flash mode; c. Breathe mode. Custom the color changed the speed in flash and breathe modes

2. Aurora light ON/OFF, adjust aurora brightness, aurora breathe mode ON/OFF

3. Choose your custom scenario and save your rename, convenient to restart your favorite scenario effects next time

Preset Scenario Mode Selection: Click the preset scenario icon, select 48 kinds of scenario mode effects in the system.

How to Connect with Amazon Alexa:

(1) Search "Smart Life" APP through Google Play (For Android) or APP Store (For Apple-iOS) and download it;

(2) Open the APP and register a new account or log in (If you have registered)

(3) Turn on the "Smart Life" APP and connect to the network;

(4) Important: You can use the "Smart Life" App to rename the device. For example, if you want to rename the Aurora Smart Projector to "Livingroom Light”,please find this device in step 9 so that Echo will receive the updated name.

(5) Download "Amazon Alexa" APP through Amazon Market, Google Play, or iOS APP Store, and connect the Echo with "Amazon Alexa"

(6) Search "Smart Life" in the Amazon Alexa Skills;

(7) Click to start the Smart Life in the Alexa Skills, enter your account name, password on this web page;

(8) Authorize and allow Amazon Alexa to log in to your Smart Life registered account, talk to Echo: "Alexa, search the device, please", once completed, Echo says: "Search completed" ;

(9) All settings are finished and now you can talk to Amazon Alexa to control this device.

Here are the Voice Commands on the Smart Life:

Alexa, turn on Music Star Light Alexa

Alexa, turn off Music Star Light

Alexa, set Music Star Light to 20 percent

Alexa, brighten/increase Music Star Light Alexa, dim/decrease Music Star Light

Alexa, set Music Star Light to green

Troubleshooting for Network Configuration

1. Verify the Wi-Fi password in the following ways Open the Wi-Fi list on your phone, click Wi-Fi name, ignore it, and reconnect and enter the password again to ensure connecting successfully. If not, please use the right Wi-Fi password.

2. If your phone cannot show your home Wi-Fi, please check if the location information on your phone is enabled

3. Please check if your phone is connected with 2.4GHz network (other frequencies is not supported)

4. Please check the Wi-Fi name cannot contain Chinese, blank and special characters

5. Please check the Wi-Fi password cannot be empty, it can be up to a maximum of 58 characters,4-hour and try to avoid using special characters.

6. In Wi-Fi connection, Please keep the product close to the network router at a distance of 5 meters.


This product has been rigorously tested. The user should strictly follow the warnings and instructions described in this manual. Improper use resulting in product damage is not covered by the Company's warranty.


We have a 90-day return policy, which means you have 90 days after receiving your item to request a return. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the original packaging.

Refer to the Vibe Lights™ website for more information on the Returns and Refunds Policy.


Maximum LED Power:      2*4W.

Green Laser:      <1MW

Power input:      USB DC5V/200mA.

Operating Temperature:      14℉-104℉(-10℃-40℃).

Projection Coverage: 161-538 ft² (15-50㎡).